Domus Ventures further echoes its niche in creating functional, outstanding and distinctive outdoor furniture using hardwearing, high quality MarinaPLUS.


MarinaPLUS – an outdoor synthetic leather commonly used on yachts for its durability to withstand various weather conditions out at the open sea. Complementing our furniture as fully outdoor resistant, this synthetic leather assures the highest level of dimensional stability and stretch-resistant for maximum comfort and luxury.


Marina products are skillfully upholstered using MarinaPLUS onto hand woven, lightweight and powder coated aluminum frames. Using HDPE resin wicker that is UV resistant and cool to touch even in hot weather; these textured in appearance resin wicker requires very minimal maintenance.

Absolute comfort

  • UV resistant and UV reflective to prevent heat build up
  • Soft and comfortable texture • Repels water
  • Cleaning and Maintenance



Laboratory tested to withstand temperature between -20 °C to 60 °C (-4 F to 140 F)

  • For best results, clean spills and soils immediately
  •  Ordinary dirt and grime can be removed with mild soap and water
  • Do not use chemical detergents or solvents to clean
  • If required, use marine synthetic leather cleaners and conditioners.

Available at marinas and boat stores*

  • Do not leave furniture uncovered under trees or plant life when not in use
  • To avoid stubborn stains and maximum endurance with less maintenance,

furniture should be covered when not being used and cleaned on a regular basis*

*We do not take responsibility for any sort of damage(s) or side-effect(s) as a result of using commercial cleaners. Refer to cleaning instructions stated on package before tre