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Since it was first established in 1997, DOMUS VENTURES has grown to be a prominent global player in the furniture industry, supplying high quality outdoor and indoor furniture to all parts of the globe. We have over 2200 dedicated staff in our factories and offices in China, Indonesia, Singapore, Germany and the United States with export over 1600 containers each year.

Over the years, we have designed and manufactured stylish high quality furniture using materials such as teak, natural wicker, loom, paper fiber and resin wicker. We take pride in constantly create new innovative designs in combination with new materials. We stand behind our unique designs, high quality products and our commitment to excellence. Our customers all over the world recognize the high quality “Domus Standard” benchmark that we maintain for every piece of furniture we produce.

Our in-house design team actively collaborates with international designers to create unique yet stylish designs. Whether modern or contemporary pieces, our goal is to create the perfect setting for your homes and lifestyle whatever the taste, budget and requirement might be.

Apart from our own Domus branded furniture, we also produce custom-made designs for private labels.

Last but not least, our commitment is not only reflected through the high quality of our products, but also the responsiveness and high level of professionalism provided by our customer service team in ensuring that all our clients are more than 100% satisfied.

We hope that you enjoy our furniture as much as we enjoy creating them.

Any violation of our copyrights, design rights and trademark rights as well as of our other rights may have severe civil law and/or criminal law consequences.