Domus Ventures

Since it was first established in 1997, Domus Ventures has grown to be a prominent global player in the furniture industry, supplying high quality outdoor and indoor furniture to all parts of the globe. Over the years, we have designed and manufactured stylish high quality furniture using materials such as teak, natural wicker, loom, paper fiber and resin wicker.

Domus Ventures take pride in constantly creating new innovative designs in-combination with new materials.

Domus Ventures – To be different and perfectly sellable



MarinaPLUS – an outdoor synthetic leather commonly used on yachts for its durability to withstand various weather conditions out at the open sea. Complementing our furniture as fully outdoor resistant, this synthetic leather assures the highest level of dimensional stability and stretch-resistant for maximum comfort and luxury.

Marina products are skillfully upholstered using MarinaPLUS onto hand woven, lightweight and powder coated aluminum frames. Using HDPE resin wicker that is UV resistant and cool to touch even in hot weather; these textured in appearance resin wicker requires very minimal maintenance.